American Idol Top 5: The 60’s/The British Are Coming!

Steven Van Zandt from Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band is the mentor tonight.

Hollie is first. “River Deep, Mountain High“.  mmm…OK. Steven tells her from the beginning: Don’t try to please people. Jimmy says if she keeps thinking she has to entertain, she’s dead. I’m just mad that she’s singing Tina Turner, but she did a good job.. I really can’t complain.  She took Steven’s advice. My 12-year-old said she sounds weird. Steven says thank the Lord she showed she has the blues in her.  Jennifer says it was really good.  Randy loved it too.

Phillip is doing a song called “The Letter” by the Boxtops. Steven and Jimmy disagree over the way Phillip did it. Jimmy says it wasn’t exciting; Steven says “Leave him alone. He’s good!” Phillip is doing what he always does. I think at this point, he might need to show something different. Every time he sings, it really sounds the same. I LOVE him….but I’m bored. Jimmy was right.  However…Randy says he made it his own. I would have no idea. Randy loves it. Jennifer admits she doesn’t know the song, and that it lacked a little melody. But she says he’s such a dynamic performer. Steven says he missed the melody, but Phillip can get away with it. Randy loves that Phillip strives to be original.  They show Phillip’s girlfriend in the audience.

Skylar originally tried “Knock On Wood” but it didn’t work. I think the title of the song she eventually chose is “Fortunate Son”. Jimmy says she’s gotta have a jet pack on tonight because she was in the bottom last week. I think he means she needs to have the performance of her life. I don’t think she’s having it. Sounds like a whole lotta screaming with a twang. Of course all of the judges love it. What else is new?

A Josh/Phillip duet?  This could be interesting! They’re singing “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”.  They sound good. This song has always bored me, no matter who sings it. LOL@Josh moving away when Phillip tries to put his arm around him at the end. I know he’s thinking, “Man..the song was fruity enough! Get away!”  LOL!  Anyway, I liked it because it was them, but it was mostly boring.  Judges love it. I wanna know who chose that song for them so I can punch them in the throat.  Those two are capable of so much more.

Jessica is doing “Proud Mary“. I don’t think this is a good choice. But maybe she’ll surprise me.  Steven loves her voice. She has no clue what he’s saying. LOL  I don’t like this performance. It’s like a karaoke performance for me.  It was just aight for me, dawg.  Jennifer says she was a little of Tina and a little Beyoncé. I so do NOT agree.  Steven loves it.  This is like a broken record. Randy says it was barely ok for her. He says Jessica took on the biggest dragon of the night and it didn’t quite sit with him. Jennifer says you can’t compare a 16-year-old to Tina Turner. I say, if you can’t come close, DON’T SING IT.

Josh is doing “Ain’t To Proud To Beg”. Steven agrees with the choice. Steven says, “If you happen to sign him..” Jimmy says “Happen? We’re making a record!” HA!  Josh comes out with 4 girl background dancers and does Temptation-like moves. He dress the part too.  He makes this look EASY.  Then he takes us to church at the end.  #TeamJoshua, PERIOD.  He’s was more exciting than everyone else.  Steven says he’s one of the top 2 best idols of all time.  Jennifer says that he’s a throwback from another era and she enjoys every time he sings.  Randy says he reminds him of Terence Trent D’Arby and that he has the voice to bring R&B back.

For Round one:  Randy and Steven say Josh, Skylar and Hollie were the best.  Jennifer just says Josh and Hollie. I’m going to have to agree with her.

Next Round is British Pop.

Hollie chooses “Bleeding Love”.  Oh my…she better connect, cuz this song is boring. Hollie realizes that she HAS to connect.  Steven told her to make it intimate, not to sing to the world. Jimmy says that if she does what she did in rehearsal, she’ll be fine.  Hollie is doing a good job, follows the advice. I’m bored. Judges love it. Of course.

Phillip is doing “Time Of The Season” by The Zombies.  I like when he slows it down, and this will be the song to bring the teenyboppers back to the phones for him since they learned that he has a girlfriend. Good job on this one. Judges love it.

The girls are going to sing together.  Bet they got a better song than Josh and Phillip. The girls like to mimic each other. Skylar mimics Hollie, Hollie mimics Jessica.

They sing “Your Love Keeps Lifting Me  Higher”. Better song than the boys already. Until Skylar brings in the fruitin twang.  Dang…I think I prefer Josh and Phillip.

Aaaaannnd…the judges love it.

Skylar sings “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me” by Dusty Springfield.  Jimmy wants her to make it country…bu I don’t!  However, I don’t think she can help it. The twang has a mind of its own. Skylar is talented and she does a pretty good job.  Aaaaaaand…the judges love it.

Jessica’s song choice is “You Are So Beautiful”.  She turns it into a beautiful ballad and sounds great.  I love Jessica, but she’s more boring than Hollie was. It’s like she can only do one thing. Aaannd….the judges love it!

Josh was gonna do a Tom Jones Song, but Jimmy suggests something else. Steven  is thoroughly impressed when Josh takes 15 minutes to acquaint himself with the song and then comes back and gives an awesome performance. Josh does “To Love Somebody”.  Classic Josh. He tears it up. He is clearly the BEST.  He gets the ONLY standing O of the night!

I’m picking a top TWO: Josh and Hollie. They had two good performances.  The rest just didn’t measure up to these two.  As far as who goes home?  I’d worry if I were Jessica or Skylar.  The teenyboppers will keep Phillip in.

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