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Alright, I already know there will be a corny Ford video, so I won’t even complain about it tonight. Before the show starts, I’ll remind you who I chose to be in the bottom three:

Hollie, Elyse, and Deandre – with Hollie going home.  I usually get 2 out of the three right, but American surprises me on who they send home.

Ryan stops to check on Josh because he’s not feeling well. Light-headed and achy. Sound like the flu. My boy better rest up this week!

Ryan says that  a group called The Wanted will be performing tonight. Never heard of’em.  Also, Kellie Pickler from Season 5 is performing too. I never minded Kellie, she just seemed a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

Then Ryan makes me ill. Jennifer’s new video is debuting now. I really don’t wanna see her flirting with her boy toy to music.  BORING.

Next is the Ford video. NEXT.

They play a video from a preschool teacher in Vietnam. His students are holding up letters that say “GOOD LUCK JOSHUA”.  Cute!

Results will be up by the duets they performed last night. Joshua and Jessica are first.  Jimmy says that when Josh started the show, he was over-affected, but that he’s hitting his sweet spot now, and at the right time in the competition. Jimmy says that Jessica needed a more powerful vocal. He says the competition is between Jessica and Josh, and Josh won last night because he chose a better song.  Ryan asked Jessica how she thinks she did. She says OK…and Josh is great.

Josh is safe.  Jessica is safe. DUH!

The Wanted perform. They’re pretty much Britain’s version of the Backstreet Boys. I think the song is called, “I’m Glad You Came”. I have heard this before.  It’s just aight for me, dawg.

Next, Ryan calls Skylar and Colton. Jimmy says he is so happy that she didn’t sing 9 to 5. SO AM I. He says if she continues this, she could win the whole thing. I don’t think that’s gonna happen.  Jimmy says Colton did good, not great, and not as good as Joshua or Skylar. Ryan asks Skylar asked if she thought, before this week, that she was being overlooked as a power singer.  She says yes, and that country doesn’t lend itself to power songs. She knows she has to sing different things whether she wants to or not.

Ryan then calls up Hollie and Deandre.  Jimmy says Hollie’s problem is that she approaches this as a high school performance, and it wasn’t a good high school performance. He says she sang “What A Feeling”, and we were asking “Where’s the feeling?”.  He says that she was in the bottom last week, will be this week, and could be fighting Deandre for who will go home.  Jimmy disagrees with the judges about Deandre. He says he is not great and needs to grow and was the weakest of the boys last night and could be going home unless Jennifer saves him. The judges stand by their positive feedback of Deandre.

Deandre is in the bottom.  His sister is boohooing.

Colton is safe.

Hollie is in the bottom. Skylar is safe. (That’s 2 outta three, ya’ll!)

Kellie Pickler performs her song “Where’s Tammy Wynette?”.  She’s not bad. I just think Skylar has me sick of country twang, and Kellie’s is worse than Skylar’s. I want her to go away.

Ryan calls up Phillip and Elyse. Jimmy says about Phillip: Yeah be yourself, but there are three versions: Great Good and Bad. He says that Phillip was just good. He needs to be pushed so that he becomes great and that this was his worst performance. About Elyse, he says: This WAS the right song for Elyse. She sang it incredibly in all rehearsals, but hit the stage and choked. And that could take her from the top right to the bottom. Ryan asks her how she feels about that and she’s talking about how the more she feels the song the harder it is to stay in the lines, or something blah blah blah. Phillip says he’s not gonna go shake the audience’s hands, cuz that’s not him.

Elyse is in the bottom. Phillip is safe.


What did I tell you???

Ryan sends Hollie back to safety. Which is bogus.  Cuz she should going home.  Ryan asks the judges if America got the final two, Elyse and Deandre, right. They say no. 1 right and 1 wrong.  And I know they mean Deandre is wrong, because based on last night, if Hollie isn’t going home, Elyse should be gone.

Deandre is going home. I know they will not save him. I’m sad to see him go this week, but it looks like America is operating on a one week delay. HeeJun is the prime example of that.

Deandre has to sing for his life and he sings “MasterBlaster”. Not even gonna work.

Jennifer says he’s an amazing performer, but she only gets one vote, and they’re not gonna save him.

I’m gonna miss looking at him, that’s for sure!



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    I love, love, love Colton- he is my favorite of eorvyene. i also love deandre he is super cute and his voice is so good. Phil is good too he always knows how to change up the song. i dont really have a favorite girl but if i had to say i would say jessica and hollie. There interesting to watch. this is a tough season.and for the people i dont like: Heejun is annoying and i personally don’t think hes funny but hes not on the top of my list to leave. i hate HATE HATE elise. shes a B***h and just likes the camera attention- she needs to go now! she has a good voice but if she lost the attidute she would be good. I liked skyler at first but her voice is beggining to suck!The girls this year aren’t that impressive, except 2 of them.soo my bottom 3 is: ELISE, SKYLER AND HEEJUN

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