Another African Scam

I know a lot of us have gotten the email from Nigeria, claiming that we’ve won a lot of money or some variation of it.  But there are other scams out there.

A friend of mine belongs to I’m not judging that fact.  It’s hard to meet people nowadays, and if someone wants to meet folk online, more power to’em.  Thing is, if you’re going to go this route, you have to be careful. Which she is.  Most of the people she meets become hilarious fodder for our conversations.  I can’t believe people are still trying to scam others online. More so, I can’t believe that women fall for this stuff.

Anyhoo, my friend started chatting with Patrick.  He claimed he was a “businessman”, and in fact, was just about to go to Africa (see where this is going?) to close a deal.  Of course, he became overly affectionate with her almost immediately: calling her baby, claiming he was in love, talking about coming to Pittsburgh to meet her.  Blah Blah Blah.  A couple of days later, he emails her with the sob story:  He’s in Africa, his luggage is missing, he only has $100 on him, his medications were in the luggage and he’s in dire need of them, and could she send him money to help him out until he gets the check from his business deal?


Of course, she told him no. Then he proceeds to tell her that she doesn’t understand the importance of his medication. The doctor says that he can’t go a day without it!  She has to help him now! She still refused, and told him that she didn’t have money to give him.   Then she told him off and told him she didn’t believe that he was who he said he was.

You would think that, at this point, dude would recognize that his scam wasn’t going to work, right?  WRONG!  He decides to send her proof of his story, all the while telling her how much “pains” she has caused him with her doubt:


She showed it to me and after we laughed for a good half hour, she told him she still didn’t believe him, and that check was obviously faked.  He proceeds to tell her that he still has to get a few of the errors fixed.  Who accepts a check and leaves the “bank” where they supposedly got it without looking at it?? Especially a check for this much money? Well…we don’t know which amount is correct, not do we?

I’ve been laughing about this for the past two days. The internet does provide comic relief for sure!


  1. Roxann Mills says

    That check is not worth the ink its printed on… Hahahahahah…. Tooo funny!
    However, I must say that there are alot of American woman that get cought in scams like this. I dont want to call them dumb but maybe niave and volunerable and looking for companionship in all the wrong places. Its men like Patrick that makes it hard for other men and women that go online looking for true companionship hard….

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