June 21, 2012

I came home from work to a clean house and “breakfast for dinner”, courtesy of my husband. Pancakes and sausage. YUM. Mr. Day and I were alone for once, as the twins were with my sister-in-law, and Sweetpea was with my mom. I only had about an hour to eat and watch a little of the Maury show with him before I had to leave. I was meeting a co-worker at the August Wilson Center for a special event. After freshening up, I kissed him goodbye and headed out to catch the bus. I was almost at the bus stop when my phone rang. Seeing that it was Mr. Day, I answered.

“Baby, are you at the bus stop yet?”, he said.
“No, why?”
“There’s something wrong with me.”, he said.
“Something wrong with you? What is it?”
“I got up from the couch to take my plate into the kitchen, and my whole arm went numb. I couldn’t hold on to the plate! I dropped it!”


I asked him a few more questions, because I thought he might be having a heart attack. He told me it was his left arm and he couldn’t feel anything. I abruptly turned around and headed back up the hill. I told him to hang up and call my mom and tell her what he had told me. Mom is a nurse. A GOOD ONE. She would know what to do.

It took me about a minute to get to my front door. He was just hanging up from my mother. He told me he needed to put some presentable clothes on, and I told him that he could probably wait until Mom looked him over. He told me that she said he needed to go to the ER IMMEDIATELY, and that she was on her way to get us. That’s when I started to get alarmed. If my momma says you need to go to the ER, there is something WRONG with you.

He went into our room to get dressed. I followed. He could not dress himself. His left arm was completely incapacitated. I helped him get dressed. By the time I did that, Mom was out front. She lives, at the most, a three minute drive from us. I figured that she would be about 5-7 minutes, since she had Sweetpea with her and probably needed a few minutes to get ready. NOPE. I SWEAR she was there in THREE minutes from the time she hung up the phone. Now I’m even more alarmed. But I’m maintaining. I’m not a hysterical person.

It took about 15 minutes to get to the ER. My husband goes to the window, says who he is and explains his symptoms. We’re told to sit in the waiting room. Momma is NOT having it. She goes to the window and explains that my husband has Congestive Hear Failure, diabetes, hypertension, AND a defibrillator. They take him back to a room IMMEDIATELY.

A few different doctors see him, and make him do simple tests, like holding one leg up at a time, asking him to grip their fingers…these are OK. But when they tell him to hold both arms straight out in the air and hold them up, his left arm will not stay up and he has no control over it. When they tell him to touch his nose with his left index finger, he can only touch in the general area, but not specifically his nose. When they start poking his arm at the shoulder and moving down, the closer they get to his hand, he can’t feel ANYTHING. After 4 hours….

The attending ER doctor says that his symptoms are atypcial. The only thing affected is his arm, no other parts of his body are affected. He’s still talking, walking. He is feeling no pain. So this fool says that it could just be a pinched nerve, and he can go home, call our Dr. in the AM and then see a neurologist in a couple days, OR he can call then neurologist tonight. At this point, I’m looking at my mother’s face. I know she’ll handle this, so I don’t have to. The look she gave him was I-really-want-to-kill-you-because-you-are-way-more-stupid-than-you-look-and-what-kind-of-doctor-are-you? She told him that she didn’t like that ONE BIT, and that the next day was Friday, so when exactly was my husband supposed to see a neurologist? He backed down and asked if she wanted him to call the neurologist on call, and she said yes, while giving him another one of those looks. If I hadn’t been so worried, I would have fell out in laughter.

Since it was gonna take some time for the neurologist to come, Mom, SweetPea and I went to get something to eat. When we came back, the neurologist had just gotten done examining Mr. Day, and told us that she thought he may have suffered a mild stroke and that he needed to be kept overnight for observation. Which is EXACTLY what we wanted to hear.

Since they had a few more tests to run before putting him in a room, and it was already 11pm, we left. I went and got some clothes and stayed at Mom’s. I just felt uncomfortable being in the house alone. In fact, I don’t think I’ve EVER been in the house alone! I was exhausted and fell asleep pretty quickly. The next morning, I woke up early and called off work. Shortly after, Mr.Day calls to let me know what room he’s in. I get to the hospital at noon and stay at his bedside for eight hours. While I was there, the neurologist comes in and explains what they THINK happened. His heart is weak and not contracting as it should, but doing some kind of arrhthymic fluttering. This is causing clots, which are then being pushed out into the blood stream. He said that they would keep him until they got to the bottom of it. So he didn’t come home that night.

Still not comfortable staying at home by myself, I stayed at my best friend’s house. On Saturday morning, I got up and got some stuff he needed, then went to the hospital. His arm had not improved. Our primary doctor came in and pretty much confirmed what the neurologist said. He said he did not want Mr. Day to work. He also prescribed a blood thinner for him and said he could go home. It took a few hours before his discharge papers were ready, then we left.

This has been a huge wake-call for Mr. Day. As soon as we left the hospital, we had to go to the store and buy healthier food for him to eat. Of course, he’s stubborn and decided to walk around Wal-Mart with me. smh Of course, with his arm being very weak, I made his meals for the rest of the weekend. I happened to have a vacation day scheduled for Monday, so that worked out. By Sunday night, everything caught up to me and I was exhausted. I went to sleep at 7:45pm and didn’t MOVE until 4:45am!

It’s been six days since his stroke. Mr. Day is doing well. In fact, other than his left arm still being pretty much useless, if you didn’t know he had a stroke, you wouldn’t know. He went to see our Dr. yesterday, and the Dr. offically said no work for 6-8 weeks.

So that’s where we’re at right now.

I just feel like I’ve been living in the Twilight Zone. I praise God that his stroke wasn’t worse. It could have been. What if it had been? What if I’d already gotten on the bus and he was home alone? What if we had just gone along with the ER doctor and taken him home? I shudder.

He’s in good spirits. He’s doing more and more for himself, but requires help with small things.

Pray with me that his hand would be restored 100%.


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    GIRL. Amazing how life can change in an instant. Thanks for sharing. Mr. Day, you and your fam are certainly in my prayers.

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