OK. I’m a diabetical and I have no business eating sweets. But I LOVE THEM. I have a sweet tooth FOR REAL. I would rather bake than cook real food, which works in my house since my husband likes to cook. So when one of my online friends started her bakery business and posted pictures of all the treats she makes, my mouth started watering. I pretty much promised her a review if she’d send me some goodies. And she did. Mmmhmm, she did.

PhatSnax is the business, and she sho did pick the right name! I got a big ole batch of her Phat Monster Cookies. I swear she put a little of everything good in this batch. I tasted peanut butter, cinnamon, oatmeal, M&M’s, chocolate chips. Each cookie was a party for my taste buds. The cookies were soft and chewy, and a nice size also.

I’m a bad reviewer. When I got home and saw that box, I opened it and began snacking. I wasn’t thinking about pictures! Luckily , Ms. Phatsnax took a picture of my batch fresh out of the oven!

I managed to hide them from the boys, but Mr. Day gave them a big thumbs up.  What? Great bakery goods are wasted on boys who pretty much eat anything. I kept my stash of cookies, and I made them brownies from a mix. They don’t know the difference.

We have good bakeries here in Pittsburgh, but I have never had cookies like this from them.  NEVER.  Now I want to try more!  But…

I’m a diabetical and I have no business eating sweets.

I’ll order more and just take a small bite every other day or so.  I gotta have PhatSnax!

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