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Last night, I picked Shannon, HeeJun and Erika to be in the bottom. I don’t know if they’re picking the bottom three girls/boys like they did last week. Even if they do, that’s too much picking for me.  Whoever goes home this week just misses being able to tour. Wait…I forgot about the tour! They always come to Pittsburgh. I GOTS to see Joshua live!  *starts Idol concert fund*

Daughtry and Demi Lovato are performing. I’ve only heard one song of hers: Skyscraper. Wasn’t bad, just got tired of hearing it.

JLo has a new single/video coming out on March 29. *gag*

Tommy Hilfiger is the image advisor. No more generic Idol stylists, huh?  This was the part I wanted Jermaine to take part in! He needed a stylist BAD. *cusses out AI producers under my breath*

I really hate how they prolong the results show.  They’ve been doing the Ford-sponosored group video for years. It has always been corny. I wish they’d stop! Well at least we weren’t subjected to a group performance.

Time for results!

Ryan calls Phillip, Skylar, Elise and Joshua. They show highlights from last night.  Phillip is first.  Jimmy says he went far beyond the call of duty and that he’s rooting or him.

Next is Skylar.  Jimmy likes her but says the song wasn’t quite right, but he thinks she stays.

Elise is up.  Jimmy said she killed her song last night.  Says she fits the blue-eyed soul mode, and she is in it for the long haul.

Joshua!  Jimmy said you don’t sing that song much better than that, and that all Interscope artists must now eat crawfish before performing. Percy Sledge emailed AI and said he loved Joshua’s interpretation of the song.

Joshua is safe. But you knew that, right?

Phillip is safe.  Good.

That means Elise or Skylar is in the bottom. I didn’t pick either of them!  Elise is in the bottom three.

Dang…my predictions are off. I’m out of practice.

There’s a break, after which we’ll hear Demi Lovato.

Demi sounds good. But I’m not watching this for her. I need Daughtry and to find out who won’t be making the big bucks on tour.

Oh..My favorite American Idol, Ruben Studdard has a new CD out:  Letters from Birmingham.

We’re back.

Ryan calls Colton, Jessica, Shannon, Deandre.

Deandre first.  Jimmy says the song was ultimately Deandre’s choice, and none of his songs were terribly exciting. Says he did Endless Love better in rehearsal and that he could be in trouble this week.

Colton next. Jimmy says Steve is right and that Colton chose the wrong song.  He thinks Colton will be in the middle of the pack.

Shannon is up.  Jimmy says Shannon is at her best when she doesn’t push too hard, but last night she pushed too hard, and it showed her weaknesses.

Jessica.  Jimmy says he supported her doing an uptempo song. He says when she screamed, she lost her breath and her rhythm.  But he says she’s not going home. If she does, we should ALL go home.

Colton is safe.

Deandre …well, Ryan asks him to hang on and says that Jessica is safe.

Deandre is safe. As he better had been, standing next to Shannon.  So we’ve got Shannon and Elise in the bottom.

Daughtry is up next. He’s good, as usual. I’ve always liked him, and he should have won season five, not Taylor Hicks.

Ryan calls Erika, HeeJun, and Hollie.

Hollie is first.  Jimmy says she’ll do GREAT in the competition. But he says they dressed her too old. Must be why I liked her look. LOL

Heejun next. Jimmy says HeeJun has boxed himself in with the songs he sings, and people will get bored and stop voting. *crosses fingers*

Erika. Jimmy said she oversang, and he didn’t agree with Randy’s assessment of Erika’s performance.

Hollie is safe.


Jen is not happy that Elise is in the bottom three. Steven doesn’t agree with the bottom three either.

Ryan sends Elise to safety.

I picked 2 of the bottom three correctly.  Shannon and Erika.

Going on tour:  ERIKA!!!

Shannon has to sing for her life and hope the judges waste their ONE SAVE OF THE SEASON on her. It ain’t gonna happen.

She didn’t sound any better tonight than she did last night.  No save for her.

Did the right person get sent home tonight?  What do you think? Who would you have sent home?

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