Top 13 Results show

To begin the show, we get the normal group number and the corny music video.

Moving on.

Ryan calls Elise, Jessica and Hollie up. Jimmy comments on each contestant. We KNOW Jessica won’t be in the bottom three. So I’m thinking Elise is in trouble, as Jimmy Iovine said.

And I’m right. Elise is in the bottom three girls.

Next, Ryan calls HeeJun, Jermaine and Colton up. I would put HeeJun in the bottom out of these three, but America is strange. It might be Jermaine. I believe Colton will be safe.

And I’m right again. Jermaine is in the bottom three guys.

Lauren Alaina is performing. And I’m yawning as much as I did when she was competing.

Ryan calls up Erika, Shannon and Skylar. Ya’ll know what it is…Shannon ought to be in the bottom.

What? Erika is in the bottom? *sigh* But yes, Shannon joins her.

Next, Phillip, Deandre, Joshua, Jeremy. Two of them go to the bottom. I say Jeremy, and umm…based on America’s poor judgement, Deandre. I just don’t think they’ll put Phillip there. I’ma FIGHT somebody if Joshua is in the bottom!

Jeremy is in the bottom. And my Joshua is in the bottom!! *takes of earrings and gets the vaseline*

Oh wait! Ryan tells Erika and Joshua that they’re safe! *puts earrings back on*

Mary J. comes out to perform “Why?”. My first time hearing it. Sue me, I’m late. Show’em how it’s done, Mary!

Alright…Elise, Jermaine, Shannon, and Jeremy are standing before the judges. Ryan asks Steven which of them deserve to leave. Steven says Jeremy. I say SHANNON!

Jermaine is safe! Jeremy is the final guy.

Shannon is safe? Hell to the naw! Then again, I wasn’t feeling Elise either.

So we have Jeremy and Elise. Ryan asks Randy if America got it right. Randy says not exactly, but probably. Randy is probably thinking Shannon should be standing there instead of Elise.

And of course we’ll find out who the judges send home….after the break.

Whoever had the bright idea to have JLO commercials for 90% of the broadcast needs to be fired. Cuz I’m thinking SHE needs to go home.

And we’re back. Ryan asks Jennifer for the judge’s decision.


Jeremy goes home.

I am not mad.

In a new development, the person being sent home doesn’t sing. I’m not mad at that either.

Good Night!

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